Application for a study abroad

Students who would like to go abroad through an exchange program at Pforzheim University first undergo an internal application and selection process. Here you can find everything about the application process and the application documents to be submitted as well as the link to the online application process.

Please apply online at the International Office for study abroad. Please note our study places at our partner universities abroad and apply for study abroad in due time. Selection and nomination is done by the International Office. In case of an independent nomination attempt at the partner university, you will be immediately excluded from the application process.

If you are already in your 6th semester at the time of your application, please submit a study plan by mail, listing the courses you would like to take during the semester abroad (except for IB and IM courses).

For your orientation, you will find a "hit list" of the partner universities with the priorities of the applicants of the last years.

Places are allocated depending on the availability of exchange places for the period concerned.

The following selection criteria are generally used as a basis for evaluation:

    Academic performance (Bachelor's preliminary examination grade*)
    Language skills (TOEFL ITP min. 560**)
    if applicable, foreign bonus (selection is made by ASTA)

**If you have already registered for a TOEFL test and your result will be available after the deadline, please upload a Word document with your matriculation number and the date and institution where you will take this TOEFL test.

Please first check with your program director to see if quotas are available in your program. If no quotas are available, please indicate priorities from the program list in the application. In both cases, the creditable ECTS must be recorded in a Learning Agreement (does not yet have to be signed by the university coordinator and AAA) and confirmed by the program director. In principle, it is expected that a minimum of 24 ECTS in European countries or a minimum of 22 ECTS in non-European countries are taken for credit.

Please apply regularly at the International Office via the online system. If you have received a quota slot, please indicate the partner university and tick the box quota. If you are not going abroad through a quota slot, please indicate the priorities agreed upon with the program director.

Only applicants who have had a prior interview with your program director and have determined the number of ECTS credits they will receive can be accepted.



via quotas

Selection is based on contingent places and your program director can confirm your place. You will receive an e-mail from the International Office with the selection result as well as information on how to proceed (enrollment, funding opportunities, etc.).

Via priority list

The selection is made by the International Office based on your grades (+ social bonus). The selection process takes about two to three weeks and afterwards you will receive an email from the International Office with the selection result and information on how to proceed (enrollment, funding opportunities, etc.).

Documents for Application

Please apply online, via our online application form. The procedure is described further down in the text. Please note that you can only apply once per semester.

Only complete applications (incl. TOEFL >560, Bachelor Vorpüfungsnote) that we receive before the application deadline can be considered.

Please upload the completed insurance statement and travel safety information with your application. You do not need to have insurance yet. This document is only for you to inform us that you are going to insure yourself.

Proof of Insurance


If, at the time of application to the International Office, you still have an outstanding examination from your first or second semester (second or third attempt), it is still possible to apply for a semester abroad. However, you will need a written statement from your program director in which he/she confirms that you may apply for the semester abroad. In addition, the exams must be taken as soon as possible and passed in the semester that has just begun. If in doubt, please contact the International Office for further information.

Master students: Master's students have the possibility to upload their Bachelor's transcript including the final average grade.

Usually we accept the Institutional TOEFL ITP (score min. 560 - equivalent to B2 level) or for other languages a comparable proof on min. B2 level. In our overview for accepted English certificates you will find the accepted tests. Please note that the TOEFL ITP is not accepted by some of our partner universities. Some universities in the USA require an official TOEFL IBT test (Auburn and Utah). Universities in the UK and Australia mainly require additional confirmation from the International Office that students have sufficient English language skills. Hong Kong University and Yonsei University also require an official TOEFL IBT. MCI Innsbruck does not accept the TOEFL ITP either. An online English test must be taken at the time of application.  You will receive more information once you have been selected for one of these partner universities.

If you are pursuing a Bachelor's degree taught entirely in English or have participated in an English-language program abroad for at least 2 years as part of your studies, you may be exempt from the English requirement.

If you are a new (1st semester) Master's student in Pforzheim and there are problems with timely proof of language proficiency due to deadlines, please contact the International Office as soon as possible.

If you have already registered for a TOEFL test (the test must be taken prior to the deadline) and your result will be available after the deadline, please upload a Word document with your matriculation number and the date and institution where you will take this TOEFL test.

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The 0.5 "Auslandsbonus" is given every semester to particularly committed members of the initiatives and university groups. The application is made centrally via the AStA, contact persons are the executive boards of the respective groups and initiatives. Of primary importance are the time invested and the responsibility assumed as well as the benefit to the student body.

Online Application

Application for fall 2023 will be possible in November 2022.