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  • A
  • Accessory Design - Bachelor of Arts

    Accessory Design is the intersection of three disciplines: it is the perfect fusion of the immediate relevance of fashion with the artistic poetry of jewelry design and the functional precision of industrial design. Accessory Design combines craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies with…

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  • B
  • Business Administration / Digital Enterprise Management - Bachelor of Science

    For the architects of tomorrow's digital business world: Digitalization is unstoppable and will change business models, work processes and the way we live together at least as much as the invention of printing with moveable types. The program provides the academic and professional edge that will…

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  • Business Information Systems, Management & IT - Bachelor of Science

    Design the digital business world of tomorrow! Digital business and digital transformation are on everyone's lips. Think of successful companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Samsung or Soundcloud. What they all have in common is that they recognized the opportunities of…

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  • Business Law - Bachelor of Laws

    Regardless of the company's business branch, size, or structure, a company has, almost every activity within itself is largely guided or determined by legal requirements or provisions. Businesses are facing more and more legal implications in their daily operations. Therefore, the demand for…

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  • C
  • Computer Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering

    Whether in smartphones or in navigation systems: we encounter microelectronic systems everywhere. They are based on the interaction of hardware and software - this interface is the work area of technical informatics. We provide you with knowledge in areas such as electronics, automation, information…

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  • Controlling, Finance & Accounting - Bachelor of Science

    It is impossible to manage a company without having its finances under control. In accounting and finance, you will gain a deep insight into all areas of a company and support entrepreneurial activities. In the program, you will deal with questions such as: How can you plan, measure, assess, and…

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  • Controlling, Finance and Accounting - Master of Science

    The master’s program in Controlling, Finance and Accounting addresses competencies and methods used in management accounting and accounting divisions of national and international companies. Furthermore, classical and modern financial theories like Portfolio Management, Financial Engineering and…

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  • Corporate Communication Management - Master of Science

    The master’s program in Corporate Communication Management addresses communication of and within an organization and its management. With its focus on communication and leadership, the program combines a social sciences and a business administration perspective. The focus of the program is on the…

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  • Creative Communication and Brand Management - Master of Arts

    The master’s program in Creative Communication and Brand Management is truly interdisciplinary: It is specifically designed for BA/BSc graduates in the areas of Design as well as Business Administration. The program brings these different backgrounds together and lets them develop into Master’s…

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  • Creative Direction - Master of Arts

    Design ist mehr als die Bereicherung der Warenwelt – es ist der sozialverantwortliche und nachhaltige Entwurf kultureller Welten, die sich ständig erneuern: Das Gegebene analysieren, infrage stellen und kreative Prognosen entwickeln. Creative Direction steht weiterführend für jene Fähigkeiten, die…

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