Our research institutes at glance - research on relevant cross-sectional topics

  • The STI - Institute for Precious and Technology Metals, Test Laboratory for Material Testing is a testing laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. The institute has a wide range of laboratory equipment for destructive/non-destructive materials testing and failure analysis.
  • The HEED - Institute for Human Engineering and Empathic Design aims to strengthening the start-up culture in Germany and enabling students to develop into innovative and entrepreneurial personalities. Please find further information on the institute‘s German website.
  • The IfP - Institute for Human Resources Research sees itself as a contact for companies in questions of human resources management. In addition to current and practice-oriented research assignments, the institute aims to address the question of what role human resources management plays today and in the future. Please find further information on the IfP‘s German website.
  • The INEC - Institute for Industrial Ecology analyzes energy and material flows at the interface of technosphere and ecosphere.  INEC’s research, contributes to the ecological and economical optimization of product life cycles and operational production processes. The INEC projects, funded by government agencies as well as by the industry, also address many other aspects of industrial ecology and quantitative sustainability assessment.
  • VUNK – The Centre for Consumer Research and Sustainable Consumption at Pforzheim University – adopts a broad-based and in-depth interdisciplinary approach. The starting point for its analyses is the role of the private consumer in the market. Legal experts, economists, engineers and design specialists work together on research, policy consultancy and teaching. Please find further information on the VUNK‘s German website.
  • The IWWT - Institute for Materials and Material Technologies, Test Laboratory for Material Investigations deals in research and teaching with the development, production, structure and properties of materials. The activities focus on the structure-property relationships of materials, as well as application-oriented process optimization in stamping technology and polymer processing. Please find further information on the IWWT’s German website.
  • The IOS3 - Institute for Smart Systems and Services addresses promising intelligent systems (smart systems) endeavours in the context of application-oriented research projects. The institute considers itself as a contact for companies that want to improve their competitiveness through flexible and efficient production processes based on end-to-end networking.
  • The ISBT - Institute for Smart Bicycle Technology coordinates research projects and development activities at Pforzheim University in a wide variety of areas of bicycle technology, such as the development of mechatronic rider assistance systems for e-bikes, electropneumatic test rigs for bicycle components (MTB, road bike, e-bike), or the production of lightweight components using novel 3D fiber winding robotics. Please find further information on the ISBT’s German website


Our research activities are coordinated under the umbrella of the Institute for Applied Research (IAF). 
Please find further details on the IAF's German Website

Research Cooperation - We are looking forward to joint projects!

Options for research cooperation are having a wide range:

  •     Technical test orders and classic contract research,
  •     participation in joint research projects,
  •     practical projects integrated into teaching,
  •     cooperation with our institutes, centers and perspective clusters.

Please contact us at kooperationen@hs-pforzheim.de or +49 7231  28 6009 to discuss your research and project requirements.