Institute for Smart Bicycle Technology (ISBT)

Mobility of the future: Bicycle technology

Smart phones, smart homes, smart bicycles. Driven by new technologies, today's bicycles have very little in common with the bikes of yesteryear. How can bicycles be further developed? What role does the lightweight construction of their components play in terms of resilience or a conscious use of resources? How can assistance systems protect the rider of an e-bike from accidents and make traffic safer? And what requirements must the construction of a special testing machine for quality control and assurance for bicycle manufacturers meet?
The Institute for Smart Bicycle Technology (ISBT) bundles research projects and development activities of Pforzheim University in a wide variety of areas of bicycle technology, such as the development of mechatronic rider assistance systems for e-bikes, of electro-pneumatic test rigs for bicycle components (MTB, road bike, e-bike) or the production of lightweight components using novel 3D fiber winding robotics.