What is the Ethikum?

The Ethikum is awarded to students who have dealt intensively with questions of ethics, sustainability and/or social and intercultural issues.

With the Ethikum certificate, graduates demonstrate their in-depth commitment to ethics and sustainability issues. In future job applications, for example, they can show that they have not only acquired specialist knowledge during their studies, but also in-depth socially and ecologically responsible thinking and action.


Achievements that can be recognized in the Ethikum include

  •     Courses that focus on ethics and/or sustainability
  •     Ethics and/or sustainability-related homework or project work
  •     Own activities in student initiatives related to ethics and/or sustainability (with qualified documentation and reflection)
  •     Documented and reflected participation in extracurricular events related to ethics and/or sustainability at the university (e.g. relevant lectures from the Studium Generale, lecture series on resource efficiency, etc.)

In the first three weeks of each semester, you will be invited via a central email message to an information event on the Ethikum, where everything you need to know about the Ethikum will be presented and where you can ask your questions.

The Ethikum certificate is awarded by the Department of Technology and Science Ethics (rtwe) of the universities in Baden-Württemberg. Pforzheim students are the largest group of all certificate graduates - of the 638 Ethikum certificates awarded since 1998, 278 (44%) have gone to students from Pforzheim (as of 03/2022).

Distribution of the Ethikum certificates at the universities

If you have any questions or would like an initial consultation, please contact the academic assistant for sustainability, Ms. Irina Pfitzenmeier:

Akademische Mitarbeiterin für Nachhaltigkeit Irina Ochs

Academic employee for sustainability

Irina Pfitzenmeier

sent an E-Mail

Tel. 07 231 - 28 6361

Raum T2.3.12

Ethikbeauftragte Prof. Dr. Katharina Kilian-Yasin

Ethics officer

Prof. Dr. Katharina Kilian-Yasin

sent an E-Mail

Tel. 07 231 - 28 6462