How do I apply for the Ethikum certificate?

If, according to your own assessment, you have possibly already collected 100 ethics points or this is foreseeable, please download the application for the Ethikum certificate from the website of the Department of Technology and Science Ethics (rtwe) at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and fill it out in draft form.


Send your draft application together with your current transcript of records, supporting documents for your achievements and a request for an initial review to the ethics officer. You will then receive feedback and, if necessary, an appointment for a consultation, during which you will find out whether you are still missing any achievements and whether anything needs to be improved in your application.

Once all the documents are complete, your application will be sent to the rtwe, where a certificate will be issued and awarded to you by your university's ethics officer.

Important: you can only submit an application for the award of the ethics certificate as long as you are enrolled. The application should be submitted before you submit your final thesis.