What do I need to fulfill the requirements for an Ethikum certificate?

You can apply for the Ethikum if you:

  •     have spent at least 200 hours (equivalent to 100 ethics points (EP) -> 1 EP = 2 hours) on ethics and/or sustainability issues or the acquisition of social and intercultural skills during your studies (e.g. in courses, at rtwe online seminars, in projects at the university, student initiatives such as Remedy, Initiaid, sneep or in the AstA and much more).


  •     have received at least 25 EPs in the course of their studies as part of an rtwe online ethics seminar on the basics of ethics or a corresponding basic seminar of the same minimum scope  (corresponding basic seminars on "Business Ethics" or similar to the required extent, e.g. from the semester abroad, can also be recognized).
  •     have obtained at least 50 EP from non-compulsory subjects
  •     have acquired at least 3 graded credits (with at least 8 graded ECTS),

so that a total of at least 100 EPs is achieved.

Important: There are no ethics points for individual lecture sections or for the thesis.

The template for documenting and reflecting on your ethics and/or sustainability-related projects or activities in a student initiative can be found here:

The template for documenting and reflecting on your visit to an ethics and/or sustainability-related extracurricular lecture event or a corresponding workshop or similar at the university can be found here: