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  • F
  • Fashion - Bachelor of Arts

    Fashion design stands for the development of creative, intelligent and sustainable solutions for all areas of clothing. The fashion, apparel and textile industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Fashion is part of contemporary culture and strengthens the alliance with sports and art as…

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  • H
  • Human Resources Management - Bachelor of Science

    Business is people! Personnel work in business today is an important and future oriented management function. Our students acquire a sound business education and outstanding qualifications for a career in the Human Resources field. The practice-related program familiarizes you with customer-oriented…

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  • Human Resources Management - Master of Science

    The master's program in Human Resources Management is based upon the three pillars theory, practice and research. On the one hand, the education is based on a profound scientific approach. On the other hand the students have to transfer their learnings from classroom to practice in projects with…

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  • I
  • Industrial Design - Bachelor of Arts

    The coffee maker, the garden tool, the chair, the headphones - all these things belong to industrial design. This field is about products that are mass-produced, as well as unique. It is the consumer goods of everyday life that convey a sense of individuality. Industrial designers also design…

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  • Information Systems - Master of Science

    The master's program in Information Systems focuses on conveying technical and methodological knowledge, as well as IT and management competencies and capabilities. By combining management and IT courses, the program provides a broad range of qualifications for job positions in various sectors. On…

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  • J
  • Jewellery - Bachelor of Arts

    Whether explicit or implicit, the human form is the domain of jewellery designers. Jewellery almost always interacts directly with the skin, and can become an integral part of our bodies. A piece of jewellery can be valuable from a craft, material, artistic, or content perspective. The Jewellery…

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  • L
  • Life Cycle & Sustainability - Master of Science

    The sustainability assessment of products, technologies and companies is the core of the master's degree program Life Cycle & Sustainability. As a student, you will learn to apply a variety of methods and instruments and to make the potential for improvement in value chains transparent. Life Cycle…

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  • M
  • Management and Engineering - Master of Science

    PART-TIME - Skilfully managing future technologies: With us, you develop and expand areas of competence in industrial engineering processes, such as project, quality and supply chain management. You get to know different management techniques and can apply them specifically to your own leadership…

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  • Marketing - Bachelor of Science

    The Bachelor Marketing program in Pforzheim offers a comprehensive insight into one of the most central functions of business management, namely the positioning and marketing of products, companies and brands. The degree programme combines the different areas of marketing with a broad business…

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  • Marketing Communication and Digital Marketing - Bachelor of Science

    As an expert for marketing communication you develop integrated marketing and communication concepts, build strong brands and manage them successfully by using all marketing communication instruments in an integrated way. Embedded in a profound economic education we teach you the needed marketing…

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