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  • Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Bachelor of Science

    A good breakfast establishes the basis for a successful day: having a coffee, reading the newspaper, eating fruit – and all that is on the table in time for breakfast. But how does that work? Purchasing and logistics are the magic words that make many culinary treats possible in the first place.…

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  • Strategic Innovation Management - Master of Arts

    The master’s program in Strategisches Innovationsmanagement is a modular, part-time program taught in a blended learning format. Today, the ability to innovate plays a key role in maintaining and strengthening the competitiveness of companies. Prospective innovation managers need management skills,…

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  • Sustainability and Resource Efficiency - Bachelor of Science

    To achieve production-related as well as product-related resource efficiency and sustainability industry and consulting companies need experts with ecological and technical method knowledge. Executives, who understand and talk the language of both sides and are able to prepare and make important…

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  • Taxation & Auditing - Bachelor of Science

    Tax accounting and chartered accounting are professions that require the highest standards. Our program prepares students thoroughly for a career in these fields. Germany’s trade and tax laws are among the most complicated in the world and have been affected by international influences in the last…

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  • Taxation, Auditing and Law - Master of Laws

    The master’s program in Taxation, Auditing and Law is designed for students with a background in economics or law who are considering working as tax consultants or/and auditors in the future. Students may individually design their minors based on their personal interests by choosing elective blocks…

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  • Transportation Design - Master of Arts

    The MA in Transportation Design is an international program for graduates of Transportation and Industrial Design who would like to further their education either immediately after their bachelor’s degree or after having worked in the industry. The course is unique in Germany in its current form and…

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  • Transportation Design - Bachelor of Arts

    The world of individual mobility and thus also the automobile are facing major changes. Transportation designers shape the automobiles of the future, they deal with the design of mobility, explore and design concepts for its future, create new perspectives, changed perspectives and innovations in…

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  • Visual Communication - Bachelor of Arts

    Visual communication is used to design information. From the app to the poster, from the advertising campaign to the animated film, from illustration to writing - it uses a variety of media. As a communication designer, you design competently and responsibly and thus solve the communicative concerns…

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