We teach and learn interdisciplinarily

In our self-image "Leading through a change of perspective", we pursue an interdisciplinary approach with which we look at future issues innovatively, responsibly and comprehensively and develop our own solutions.

We support our students in developing solutions for interdisciplinary issues and in looking at topics from different perspectives (designers, technicians, economists, lawyers, etc.). We work on future-oriented topics in dialog with regional, national and international cooperation partners from business and society.

Professor Dr. Hanno Weber, Vice-Rector for Studies and Teaching, emphasizes: "The ability to change perspectives and collaborate across disciplines is becoming increasingly important on the job market."

Inter- and transdisciplinary teaching and learning requires

  •     Linking and applying what has been learned in concrete and real-life tasks,
  •     active engagement with practical issues,
  •     looking at a topic from different perspectives and finding interdisciplinary solutions,
  •     working together on topics from society and business.