Research Support - Functions

The IAF as central research facility takes on important tasks which support Pforzheim University in fulfilling its public mandate for education.

Students at Pforzheim University get prepared for professional activities by application-oriented teachings and studies. Research methods and results - with the latest state of the art in science, technology and design – can immediately be integrated into teaching.

In addition, Pforzheim University makes a significant contribution to the regional and trans-regional innovation potential by the transfer of knowledge as well as practical research in cooperation with other universities and/or business partners.

Assistance in obtaining these objectives – in areas with high societal relevance - is provided by the IAF.

Applied Research

R & D projects are acquired and carried out by the members of the IAF as well as by the members of the individual research institutions. This is regularly done in cooperation with other universities, extramural/external research institutions and business partners.

Project leaders can receive support regarding the acquisition, organizational handling and public presentation of third-party-funded research projects by the IAF. Collaborative projects with a multitude of project partners are conducted more frequently. As a result, the need for coordination increases.

The IAF’s endeavor during collaborations is always to support the application and development of scientific methods as well as technologies to the best of its abilities. It further contributes to a research-friendly climate within Pforzheim University by facilitating access to R & D activities. In this way, a contribution is also made towards the national and international cooperation of scientists.


Professors and Scientific Staff

  • are informed about research programms,
  • can receive assistance in drawing up proposals and
  • are counselled regarding the subject area contract research.


The administrative and management bodies of Pforzheim University are counselled regarding research issues.


In addition, the IAF regularly gives account of research activities carried out at Pforzheim University (e.g. with the Annual Report).