The Erasmus+ program promotes mobility within Europe; the program supports both study visits and internships. The funding amount varies somewhat from year to year and depends on the number of participants in the previous year and the budget available. The Erasmus+ funds are not scholarship funds, but a grant to cover the additional costs incurred by the mobility.

Baden-Württemberg Scholarship

The Baden-Württemberg Foundation awards scholarships to students with particularly good performance to study abroad at selected non-European partner universities. Information on the application process and a list of eligible universities can be found here.


The DAAD's PROMOS funding program supports study abroad programs at Pforzheim University that support the goals of the UN's PRME (Priciples for Responsible Management Education) initiative. The program is offered to accredited universities in selected transition and developing countries that offer courses on sustainable development, globalization, business ethics, and/or responsible management.

Travel Grants

For students who do not receive other funding, the International Office awards one-time travel grants for study abroad outside of Europe. Unpaid internships in non-European countries can also be funded. Selection takes place once a year at the end of July.

Practice-oriented studies at universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences (HAW/FH) are highly regarded in Germany and around the world. The DAAD supports students at HAW/FH during their stays abroad. Students in bachelor's, master's and diploma programs at German HAW/FH receive scholarships in this program for a stay abroad as part of their studies or final thesis. Funding is available for study stays of 2 to 6 months and for stays of 1 to 6 months abroad as part of a final thesis.

The scholarship includes the following benefits:

  • a monthly scholarship installment, which is determined according to the host country, travel allowance, the amount of which varies depending on the host country, health, accident and personal liability insurance benefits,
  • for study visits: Subsidy for tuition fees, if any, up to an upper limit (depending on the destination country),
  • for theses: Subsidy for travel in the host country directly related to the project.

Further information on the HAW program can be found here.


BAföG abroad

For students who are funded according to BAföG, there is the possibility to receive specific funding for studying abroad. For "Auslands-BAföG" you must apply for at a special BAföG office, depending on the destination country. In addition to the national funding amount, the funding includes a monthly allowance for living expenses, health insurance, travel expenses and tuition fees at the foreign university.

Attention: the entitlement to foreign BAföG usually exists only once during the education for the duration of one academic year. If, for example, a Bachelor student uses the Auslands-BAföG for a semester exchange in France, he or she may not be eligible for a Master's degree in Australia.

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