Study abroad at an European University

If you have been selected for a European partner university, you will  receive information about Erasmus funding.

There are currently 34 countries participating in the ERASMUS+ program: All EU member states, Turkey, as well as EFTA/EEA countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Here you can find our Erasmus Charter  and our Erasmus Policy Statement.

KOOR Erasmus Service BW

Since winter semester 19/20, the program will no longer be handled by the International Office, but by the KOOR - Erasmus Services BW consortium in Karlsruhe.

In order to receive funding, you must register after the nomination and confirmation of the study place. For this purpose you will receive a request with the registration link by e-mail.

You will also receive the Learning Agreement after your registration from KOOR - Erasmus Services BW, this is different from the Learning Agreement of Pforzheim University. KOOR only accepts the Learning Agreement provided by them for Erasmus funding and not the one provided by HS Pforzheim.

Unfortunately, starting with the summer semester 2024, we will have less scholarship funds available due to funding cuts, therefore, depending on the applicant situation, there may not be enough scholarships available for all students who will be doing a semester abroad in Europe, so selection may occur if necessary.

Selection criteria:

1. compulsory semester abroad
2. Erasmus country group I (countries with high cost of living - Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Ireland)
3. grade

Notification of the receipt or non-receipt of a scholarship

We receive feedback on the amount of funding for the following academic year in July after applying for funding, so unfortunately students going abroad in the winter semester will receive feedback on Erasmus funding at relatively short notice.

Please note that there is no legal entitlement to funding or a specific grant amount.

(Source: KOOR- Erasmus Service BW)

KOOR - Erasmus Services BW must receive your complete documents at least one month before the start of your study visit, otherwise you will NOT receive funding.

NOTE: If you cannot meet the deadline, please contact KOOR - Erasmus Services BW as soon as possible.


The procedure for registering with KOOR - Erasmus Services BW and for creating the Learning Agreements is as follows:

1. Registration in the Mobility Online of KOOR - Erasmus Services BW.

2. Uploading of the matriculation certificate.

Preparation of the first Learning Agreement:

1. You fill out the HS Pforzheim Learning Agreement and have it signed by the program director and the university coordinator.

2. You fill out the KOOR Learning Agreement online in Mobility Online, based on the Learning Agreement of the HS Pforzheim.

3. You submit both Learning Agreements for review to Alina Ziß (aaaout@hs-pforzheim.de).

4. Ms. Ziß forwards the Learning Agreement to the faculty for signature and then sends it to you.

5. You have the Erasmus Learning Agreement countersigned by the partner university.

6. The signed Erasmus Learning Agreement from KOOR is uploaded to Moblity Online.

7. You complete the OLS language test (you will receive a request for this by mail).

8. You sign the funding contract (must be sent to KOOR by mail with original signature).

9. You will receive the first funding installment.

If courses change during the first days of your semester abroad or if they do not take place, please fill out an "updated version" of your Learning Agreements.

1. You adjust the Learning Agreement of HS Pforzheim and have it confirmed/signed again by the faculty/program director and coordinator.

2. You transfer the modified courses into the LA "During Mobility" of the KOOR.

3. You resubmit both Learning Agreements to Alina Ziß (aaaout@hs-pforzheim.de) for review.

4. Ms. Ziß forwards the Learning Agreement to the faculty for signature and then sends it to you.

5. You have the Erasmus Learning Agreement countersigned by the partner university.

6. You upload the Learning Agreement "During Mobility" at KOOR in Mobility Online.

After your stay

1. you take the OLS language test again.

2. you submit the required final report in Mobility Online (you will receive a request by mail).

Learning Agreement "After the Mobility" (Transcript) for KOOR only:

1. Enter the credited courses and the ECTS in the table "Recognition at the sending institution".

2. Submit the Learning Agreement "After the mobility" for review to Alina Ziß (aaaout@hs-pforzheim.de).

3. Ms. Ziß forwards the Learning Agreement to the faculty for signature and then sends it to you.

4. You have the Erasmus Learning Agreement countersigned by the partner university.

5. You upload the signed Learning Agreement "After the mobility" at KOOR in Mobility Online.

6. You receive the second funding installment.

For grade recognition in Pforzheim:

1. After the request by mail, pick up your official transcript at the International Office.

2. You make an appointment with your university coordinator (please bring the Pforzheim Learning Agreement and the Transcript of Records with you).

The grades will be entered by the Examination Office.



Erasmus+ aims to promote equal opportunities and inclusion, therefore access to the program is facilitated for learners with special needs. Students whose degree of disability (GdB) is at least 50 are eligible to apply. Furthermore, students who take their child/children with them to study abroad and are single parents are eligible to receive a special grant as a fixed amount.

Please contact KOOR regarding the application process.


Visa requirements for a stay in the United Kingdom

Visa requirements differ between stays of up to 6 months and stays of more than 6 months.
For stays up to 6 months, no visa is required. However, during this period the purpose of stay is clearly limited to studies, students are not allowed to pursue a financially rewarding activity during their stay. As of 01.10.2021, entry for EU citizens is only possible with a valid passport (electronic passport - ePassport).

Those who want to stay for several semesters or for a whole study must apply for a student visa since January 1, 2021. The visa application can be filled out online and costs 348 British pounds.

Those who have a visa must also pay an Immigration Health Fee for access to the NHS, the public health service. For students, the fee is 470 British pounds annually.

There are also changes to staff mobilities: for example, it is possible to stay on a staff mobility without applying for a visa for up to a maximum of one month. For detailed information please consult the following website: Check if you need a UK visa.

Source (DAAD)

Procedure KOOR- Erasmus Service BW

In order to protect students from unnecessary costs and bureaucratic hurdles, KOOR will from now on only approve study stays of up to 6 months in the UK, so that a stay with a passport is possible. If an extension of another semester is planned, only new applications will be allowed. This means that students must leave before the second semester and must also submit a new application to KOOR on time. Funding is still available until Sept. 30, 2022.


We are happy to assist you:

For questions regarding the Learning Agreement, please contact:

Business School: Susanne Glas

School of Engineering: Henriette Schürger

School of Design: Barbara Dofek


For questions regarding the Erasmus Funding and the Procedure, please contact:

Alina Ziß - Outgoing-Koordiantorin im Akademischen Auslandsamt


For further contacts (Complaints Office, Anti-Discrimination Agency)

For questions and signature of the Interinstitutional Agreement, please contact:

Andrea Held

For questions regarding the Applicationg and Mobility Online, please contact:

KOOR – Erasmus Services BW