How can I finance my study course?



Studying in Baden-Württemberg is tuition-free. However, the University charges an administration fee of 100€. Living costs include rental charges (app. 250€ + per month) and health insurance fees (app. 100€ per month).


·       BAföG

Recognised refugees are eligible for a BAföG grant, as well as persons granted subsidiary protection, tolerated persons and holders of other residence permit – if they have been living in Germany for more than 15 months.

BAföG is an interest-free loan of up to 670€ per month. Only half of the total amount needs to be paid back to the government within 5 years. For further information, please see here.


·       Scholarships

Furthermore, there are numerous scholarships for foreign students you can apply for. For more information, please see here.

·       Bildungsberatung Garantiefond Hochschule supports young immigrants in planning their studies.

·       Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V.

This program is for refugees, who want to start or continue studying in Germany.

Requirement is a so called: Bildungsberatung. 

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