Which steps are necessary for a successful admission?


·       Attending the refugee consultation hour

·       Examination and recognition of reports or advice for possible pre-courses, testAS etc.

·       Testing of language skills (also see question 7)

·       Application for the summer semester until 15.7. / winter semester until 15.1.

        (BSBA/Digital Enterprise Management: 31.5.)*


*Which degree programs are most suitable for refugees?

 BSBA/Digital Enterprise Management:

Pforzheim University offers the Bachelor degree program BSBA/Digital Enterprise Management. During the first four semesters lectures are only in English. During that time, the students can improve their language skills. Besides, the degree program has a high number of available places for foreign students. English language skills must be proven by TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).


What are the required documents?


·       higher education entrance qualification

·       all records obtained by former university

·       language certificates (German / English)

·       proof of asylum application

·       all documents must be translated into German or English

·       certified copies only



I didn’t bring any certificates with me/ they can’t be verified – what now?

In this case the required qualifications can be proven by the study capability test „testAS“. This test can be a basis for a possible admission.

Furthermore, Pforzheim University can check the plausibility of non-certified documents and can research necessary documents. A consultation meeting is recommended.




On this website the examination of your documents can be done as well.

It is free for refugees

Registration:  www.uni-assist.de/online/Frontend/Registrierung/index 

If you are a refugee you can make a motion that you do not have to pay the fee of the website