Internship Abroad

Job Searching

If you are looking for an internship abroad, please contact the head of your study programme first. If possible, they will provide you with the necessary information. Job offers can also be found on the career platform JOBS&MORE.

Required documents

Contracts and certificates

Once you have found an internship abroad, you will need a contract. Companies usually provide their own contracts. but sometimes a contract requires the signature of a representative of Pforzheim University. In this case, you will have to use a prefabricated contract, which the university will provide you. Alternatively, you can also submit a confirmation of your internship from the responsible professor to the company. For all certificates relating to your studies, contact the relevant course coordinator.

If you need a signature from the International Programs Office, please send us your signed Learning Agreement for internships by e-mail.

Learning Agreement

All students who complete an internship abroad must submit a Learning Agreement for internships before leaving the country. This must be signed by the responsible coordinator and the International Programs Office.

Financing, Insurance and Visa

If an internship is compulsory as part of your studies and is located within Europe, you may be eligible for an Erasmus scholarship depending on the net salary you will receive. You can apply through the consortium KOOR/BEST.

Regarding health insurance, you should take out an additional policy, as regular health insurance does not provide the necessary coverage. Within Europe, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) covers most medical costs. You still need travel abroad health insurance, since some costs, such as costs for medical repatriation, will not be covered by statutory health insurance. Please keep in mind that regular travel insurance that you would use for short trips or vacation usually does not cover internships. Outside of Europe, you will always need private travel abroad health insurance, since statutory health insurance will not provide coverage there.

Please be aware that you often need a special visa for internships outside of Europe. More information about visa can be found here.