Are there further offers for refugees at Pforzheim University?

 The project “PERSPEKTIVE” by the student initiative “Initiaid e.V.” in cooperation with Pforzheim University offers numerous activities for refugees, such as a “Buddy Program” and a “Welcome Café” – for more information please see here. On this website one can also find activities offered by Pforzheim University, e.g. the possibility to join the university big band.



Who are the contact persons for refugees at Pforzheim University?


For all questions regarding studies and pre-courses please join the refugee consultation hour (also see question 5), which is organised by Mrs. Bender, head of the <link hochschule organisation institut_fuer_fremdsprachen_ifs>IFS.

The students running the project „Perspektive“, the PR department, and the head of the International Study Program at Pforzheim University are responsible for all general questions regarding the integration of refugees.

They can be contacted via email:  perspektive(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de.


Marvin Nestler, m.nestler(at)initiaid(dot)de, +49 160 1069622

·       Speaker WELCOME-CAFÉ

Laura Schengel, l.schengel(at)initiaid(dot)de