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Nadine Walter is Professor of International Marketing at Pforzheim University. After completing her studies in business administration at Mannheim University and earning her MBA at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, she worked for six years at the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Her doctoral thesis addressed standardization in food marketing. Since 2008, she has taught marketing at Pforzheim University, and since 2010, she has directed the double-degree program Business/International Marketing, serving as the program‘s director. Her research interests are branding, advertising and technology adoption. She advises companies in the consumer goods industries (especially food, cosmetics, retail) and the industrial goods industry in marketing, sales, strategy and organizational topics. In addition, she is active in Executive Education at the St. Galler Management Institute in Switzerland and serves as visiting professor at the Tias School for Business and Society at Tilburg University in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Nadine Walter has concentrated her research activity in the areas of branding (international branding, brand expe­rience), advertising (international advertising, sustainability advertising, influencer marketing) and technology adoption (payment methods, IVAs).

In the area of international branding her focus has been the empiri­cal study of globally standardized versus locally adapted marketing. In the research area brand experience, she concentrates on the conceptualization and empirical measurement of brand experiences. The area of sustainability advertising includes research on determinants and the effect of different forms of environmental/social advertising. In influencer marketing she focuses on the trustworthiness and authenticity of diverse types of influencer marketing. Technology adoption includes research on different payment methods and the acceptance of Individual Voice Assistants (IVAs) by the consumer.


Brand Experience ,  Consumer Good Marketing ,  International Marketing ,  Brand Management ,  Brand Management ,  Marketing

2004 - Dr. rer. pol.
Universität Hamburg

2000 - Diplom-Kauffrau
Universität Mannheim

1998 - MBA
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
United States


Teaching Award Pforzheim University (Business School)


Journal article

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Chapter in Book

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Article in Proceeding

WALTER, N., BRAUN, K. (2013). The myth of the rich and trendy homosexual – why gays and lesbians are not an overly attractive target segment for Marketing. In Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Recht der Hochschule Pforzheim (Ed.), 50 Jahre - 50 Thesen, Band 4: Marketing und Management (pp. 29-33).

Academic Papers of Pforzheim University

CLEFF, T., FISCHER, L., SEPÚLVEDA, C., WALTER, N. (2010). How Global are Global Brands? An Empirical Brand Equity Analysis. ISSN 0946-3755, Pforzheim, Germany.

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