Summer Schools and Language Courses

Many universities offer summer schools in which 1-3 courses (usually two courses) can be completed. Summer courses last between 2 and 6 weeks and usually take place between June and September. Depending on the content of the program, summer courses may also include specialized courses (in the sense of a more in-depth study of a subject). Many summer courses, however, are less of a technical immersion and more of an introduction to the culture and history of the country. In fact, the spectrum of course offerings and participation fees is very broad.

Language courses are offered by private institutions and sponsors as well as by public institutions (usually universities). The quality of language courses varies greatly. A rather good language school can be recognized by the following characteristics, among others:

a) the course participation is dependent on a placement test
b) the language school offers several levels in parallel
c) the language school discloses how many participants from which countries take part in the courses and creates a rather heterogeneous learning environment
d) the language school proves that the teachers are qualified and have been teaching at the language school for a long time.