Study programs in English

The University of Pforzheim offers various study programs and/or specializations in English. Admission to study programs in English requires good language skills. Please find a description in the section "Language Requirements".

Business School 

The study program "MBA International Management" is offered in English only. The study program "BSc International Marketing" offers a track in English that covers the third year completely and the study program "Digital Enterprise Management" starts in English and is offered completely in English language until the end of the third semester. Within the study program "BSc International Business" tracks in English and/or French and/or Spanish are part of the curriculum.

Especially for exchange students from international partners the Business School offers the "International Study Program ISP". This program covers about 40-50 courses in English. 

School of Design 

The study program "Master of Arts in Transportation Design" is offered in English. A study program in English for exchange students is in planning stage. 

School of Engineering  

The School of Engineering provides a new study program Engineers - Made in Germany (EMIG)which is tailored to our undergraduate engineering exchange students from partner universities. We offer a wide range of engineering and management courses in manufacturing taught in English which are selected from our three study programs Industrial Engineering (Business Administration and Engineering), Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology.

Closely cooperating with the Business School, the department of Business Administration and Engineering also offers courses within the International Study Program