Financial support

Financial support in Bachelor's degree programs - Study Completition Grants

In general international students may hardly find any financial support for studying within a Bachelor's program in Germany. Especially in the first few years of studying the chance to get a financial support is very low. For some international students the International Programs Office at the university may give a grant for the final study phase via a program called "Studienabschluss-Stipendium/Study Completition Grant". It is provided within the STIBET I Programme, financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) from funds from the Federal Foreign Office (AA). The financial support is for a max. of one semester and should assure the completion of the study program.  

The "Study Completion Grants" shall enable the students to prepare for their final exams without worrying about financial aspects. The decision is based on the needs of the students (especially those will be considered who have financed their study through part-time jobs) and their study performance. The applicant must show that he will successfully finish his studies in not more than one year time. Applications can be submitted to the International Programs Office and should cover a motivation letter, a transcript of records and a CV.

An overview of scholarship programs available for international students you may find on the website of the German Exchange Service DAAD; it offers a database (Stipediendatenbank) for most of the scholarships and scholarship organizations. 

Financial support in Master's degree programs  

As an international students it is easier to get a scholarship for a master's degree program than for an undergraduate program. To obtain a scholarship on Master's level you may find more scholarship organizations and sometime the universities will grant scholarships. An overview you will find on the website of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD via the database of scholarships (Stipendiendatenbank).