Things you have to do before you are leaving Pforzheim

There a number of things to do before you leave Pforzheim and return home. Here, you will find a list of the things you need to do before you leave.

You have to de-register as a resident of the respective town or city where you lived in Germany. If you live in Pforzheim, you will have to de-register at the Bürgerzentrum of Pforzheim. If you live in another town, you will have to de-register at the respective town hall.

Following documents are needed:

  • a scan of your passport
  • the complete form for de-registration from the residents’ registration office in Pforzheim, signed.

If you are member of a German health insurance, please ask the residents’ registration office for a confirmation of your de-registration. This confirmation has to be submitted to your German health insurance provider in order to terminate the membership.

If you had to open up a blocked account in order to obtain your visa or German residence permit, you can have this account closed at the foreigners’ office. In order to close the blocked account you have to obtain the consent of the competent foreigners’ office in Pforzheim.

Students who did not open a blocked account do not have to de-register at the foreigners’ office. The residents’ registration office will inform the foreigners' office of their de-registration. 

If you are member of a German health insurance, please send the following documents to your health insurance provider in order to terminate your membership:

  • your confirmation of disenrollment by Pforzheim University
  • your confirmation of de-registration of residency by the residents’ registration office (see above) 

You will need the transcript of records for the coursework and examinations you completed here to be recognized at your home institution. This document contains the courses you attended, the respective grades you got, and the corresponding number of ECTS credits.

We automatically send a transcript of records to your home university as soon as we have received all of your grades.