German courses for international students

One of our objectives is to encourage all international students to improve their language profile by acquiring adequate skills in German. Therefore, the Language Center of Pforzheim Universty offers German courses for international exchange students every semester. All courses are free of charge.


Generally, a pre-semester German course on A1 level is offered every semester. The intensive beginners course starts approximately 3.5 weeks before the start of the lecture period.

Course offerings during the semester

During the semester, German courses on all levels are offered. At the beginning of the semester, students will take a placement test in order to be placed in the adequate level and the respective course. 

Please note: Students taking part in the A1 pre-semester course can only go up to the next level (A2) during the semester. Therefore, students taking the pre-semester German course won't take part in the placement test and cannot skip a level.


Students have to indicate on the application form if they want to take part in one of the pre-courses. In addition, students have to register for the German courses via email. Only students who have registered due to the deadline will get a place in one of the courses. An entry in the Learning Agreement does not count as registration!