... how does it work?

You can loan only one single item of a title.
You can loan for yourself, not for another person.


Some media can only be used in the rooms of the library:

  • collections presented for a semester
  • theses (Bachelor- and Master)
  • reference books
  • important and valuable works
  • journals: single issues and volumes
  • newspapers






You can register an item at the terminals for lending transactions.
For registration you need your campuscard.

Excepted are:
reserved books, via interlibrary loan ordered books and ordered theses.
These media must be registered at the information desk.

As a guest you have to register all your items at the information desk.


... how long I can keep a borrowed book?

Loan type Loan period
normal GE          30 days
short GE 14 days
Loan type Loan period
normal WT:         30 days

period for students, that have notified a thesis at registrar's office:

70 days