Student Life

Pforzheim University has a large number of student initiatives in which you can get involved. The students are represented by the "Verfasste Studierendenschaft" which is the entirety of all students at a university and the AStA, which stands for "Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss" and is the General Student Committee.

Learn more about the student initiatives at our university on the following pages.

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The student initiatives at Pforzheim University have set themselves the task of enriching everyday university life and gaining practical experience in various fields of study:

  •     Events
  •     workshops
  •     Orientation phase
  •     Subject-specific projects
  •     Practical tasks




The Room of Silence enriches the campus as a place where there is space for prayer, meditation and quiet relaxation. The room was created in the winter semester of 2021 on the joint initiative of students to meet the needs of their fellow students and university staff.

The Room of Silence is located on the entrance floor of the Mensa building, at the end of the narrow corridor, behind the "chicco di caffè". The design of the 36-square-metre room has been kept simple and dispenses with any religious references. A carpet has been laid to make it more comfortable. A cupboard designed by students provides storage space for shoes and bags. The carpet is entered without shoes.

All students and employees of the university are entitled to use it. Please take a look at the rules of use for the Room of Silence here (in german).

Please note the times during which events are held. Individual use is not possible at these times. You are welcome to request events, for which we need the following information:

- Purpose of the event
- Date and duration
- Name of the organizer
- Number of participants
- Brief, rough outline of the event


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Requests for use and contact: raumderstille(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de