Test laboratory services

STI Pforzheim University - Institute for Precious and Technology Metals, Test Laboratory for Material Testing

Our service offer

  • Investigation of failure cases and complaints, preparation of investigation reports and expert opinions, development of improvement measures and process optimization
  • Development of new products and processes, research and access to modern technologies
  • Qualitative and quantitative SEM/EDX analysis, materials testing and material analysis of metals, ceramics and gemstones
  • Metallographic examinations such as grain size determination, microstructure examination, analysis of precipitates
  • Coating thickness measurements, analysis of electroplated coating systems
  • Non-contact roughness depth measurement with a 3-D laser microscope, even on complicated surfaces, tactile roughness depth measurement
  • IR spectroscopy for the analysis of organic impurities e.g. on punching strips and over moulded components
  • Analysis by inert gas fusion (O, N, H2-content)
  • Tensile tests
  • Hardness measurement according to Vickers, strength tests on parts and chemical components as well as on rings, closures and chains
  • Investigation of the cause of casting defects, such as pores, cracks, coarse grain and blue silver
  • Measurement of the melting temperature of alloys and waxes
  • Corrosion tests, testing of tarnish protection or influence of packaging materials on silver and gold alloys