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Andrea Wechsler is both Vice President of Pforzheim University and Professor of Private Commercial Law at the Pforzheim University of Applied Science. She also works as a business mediator.

In her reserach she focuses on research and practical projects in international, Asian and European commercial law (especially business law, competition law, intellectual property rights, Chinese law), in international commercial arbitration, alternative dispute resolution and business mediation, in law and technology and in legal methodology. A special focus of her research is on legal aspects of innovation and start-up processes.

Her projects have grown out of previous work at Oxford University, Peking University, Columbia Law School, the European Court of Justice and McKinsey & Co. Some of her research is carried out in cooperation with the Hanken School of Economics and the European University Institute.

Andrea Wechsler conducts research on international, European and Germany private and commercial law. She concentrates on commercial legal protection, on copyright and media law, on antitrust and competition legislation and on business and contract law. She also focuses on alternative forms of conflict resolution (arbitration, economic mediation), on Asian law (especially Chinese law) and on legal methodology (especially economic analysis and the sociology of law).
Her current research includes: One project is a collaborative effort with the Hanken School of Economics funded by the Finnish Academy of Sciences. Andrea Wechsler investigates the influence of intellectual property law on corporate decisions in China, specifically examining automobile, pharmaceutical and software industries. The project is part of the larger program Legal Transplants for Innovation and Creativity: A Sino-Finnish Comparative Study on Governance of Intellectual Property
Rights (TranSIP), which examines the interdependence between intellectual property protection and social transformation in China.

A second project, “The Inner and Outer Limits of Patent Protection (PatLim)”, focuses on the design and limitations of patent law protection. Financed by the Finnish Research Council, the project investigates the interplay of law and technology with a special focus on the software industry. Wechsler studies the limits of antitrust regulations for intellectual property protection for software products. Participating in the project are the Hanken School of Economics, the IPR University
Center of the University of Helsinki, the University of Copenhagen, Oxford University, UC Berkeley, Cambridge University and the University of Bayreuth.
A third project is a comprehensive investigation of the transformation of law enforcement in Europe with a focus on antitrust law. The project is being carried out in cooperation with the European University Institute and is funded by the Dr. Theo and Friedl Schoeller Research Center for Business and Society, based in Nuremberg. Driven by transnational economic processes, legal policy and science work together to optimise antitrust norms in the field of tension between the efficiency-oriented regulation of innovation competition and the increasing importance of private norms. One neglected factor is the role, function and design of antitrust law enforcement in modern economic policy. Antitrust law enforcement constitutes the core of this project, as it is an essential determinant of antitrust law’s societal contribution to innovation competition and to fair and efficient competition regulation.

Business Law (Econimic Law?) ,  Mediation ,  Business Mediation ,  Chinese Law ,  Competition Law ,  Intellectual Property Law ,  Consumer Law


Fakultätspreis der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität für die Dissertation

Business Law

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Publication in Collected Edition (encyclopedia...)

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Contribution to Series of Ext. Research Institute

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Working Paper

WECHSLER, A., & MÜLLER-LANGER, F. (2009). Ökonomische und rechtliche Analyse der Immaterialgüterrechtsdurchsetzung – An Economic and Legal Analysis of the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights. Jahrbuch MPG.

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