Travel to Pforzheim

By plane

Pforzheim is well accessible through the airports in Frankfurt/Main (FRA), Stuttgart (STR) and Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB). There are a lot of airlines that offer cheap flights to Germany. Some examples are Easyjet, Eurowings, Ryanair and various other providers. Many airlines have special offers for students, just google "cheap flights + students".

Note: Students arriving at an international airport in Germany (normally Frankfurt or Stuttgart) may book an airport shuttle service in advance. These shuttle services are comfortable and not really expensive (especially in case you arrive with a small group of other students). One of the local shuttle service companies is called Mogli Tours and a return ticket from Stuttgart International Airport is about 85 Euro for one person. In case you use the shuttle as a group of three students this rate for a two-way ticket is only about 40 Euro per person (much cheaper than the public transport system).

By train and bus

Pforzheim is located between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe and well connected by the public transport system. You need about 15 minutes from Karlsruhe to Pforzheim with a regional train, from Stuttgart it takes about 30 minutes. On www.bahn.de you can get information about train schedules and book tickets. If you plan your trip some time in advance, you can get cheap offers like "Europa Spezial". If you wish to travel within Germany, an inexpensive option are the so called "Laendertickets" (valid within a state/Bundesland) or the "Schoenes-Wochenende-Ticket". There are also offers for long distance journeys (from 29€), but they have to be booked quite some time in advance. 

The bus line 5 (direction Hochschule/Wildpark) takes you from the main train station to the university campus at Tiefenbronner Straße.

By car

Pforzheim is located at the autobahn (expressway) A8 between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. Coming from Karlsruhe, take the exit "Pforzheim West", coming from Stuttgart exit "Pforzheim Süd". To create your personal travel route, please click here.

Here you find a map showing the different campuses of Pforzheim University.