International students have to take care of the accomodation for the duration of their stay in Pforzheim independently. To do so there are different options presented below. The application for a room in one of the student halls will not be accomplished through the International Programs Office, but has to be adressed directly to the administration of the accordant student hall. The International Programs Office will gladly assist students with the room search, but cannot offer the services of a  housing office.

Student halls of the Studentenwerk Karlsruhe  

Via the Deutsches Studentenwerk DSW in Karlsruhe about 500 rooms in 4 student halls in Pforzheim are available. 

Other student halls (private)

As a private organization the Studentenwerk-FH e.V. runs a student hall in Pforzheim:

Other options 

  • The Bernhardusheim offers single, double and triple rooms for pupils, trainees, interns and students 
  • Private apartment or room offers in shared flats ('WGs') can be found on the university's bill-boards, but mainly on various internet platforms. The most known are www.wg-gesucht.de and www.studenten-wg.de
  • The International Programs Office of Pforzheim University will mail a list of rooms, apartments etc. to all international exchange students. This housing list is continously updated and will be sent to the students on receipt of the application forms 
  • The AStA (students' council) regularly publishes a housing list with room offers that is updated regularly. Check the website regularly for new offers!