From when?

At the earliest 10 days before the end of the loan period.


How many times?

    Bereichsbibliothek Gestaltung:

     normal GE     1 x 30 days
     short GE 1 x 14 days

     Bereichsbibliothek Technik,  Wirtschaft und Recht:

     students 4 x 30 days
     students with registered thesis    4 x 70 days
     guests 3 x 30 days



Yourself:  via Benutzerkonto
In Bereichsbibliothek Technik, Wirtschaft und Recht also at the terminals for lending transactions


Which books are not renewable?

  •  reserved books -> please return them
  • books, that are renewed several times  -> please return them
  • Books, that are borrowed via interlibrary loan: please contact us by phone or email. These books can be renewed under certain conditions