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BBA / International Marketing - Bachelor of Science

The seven-semester program offers a degree in business administration with a specialisation in International Marketing. Students study four semesters general business administration courses (e.g., Finance, Accounting, IT, Economics, Law, Statistics, Ethics) and two semesters specialised marketing courses (e.g. Sustainability Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Communications). The study program is supplemented by a one semester job-specific internship in the field of marketing.

International students who come from abroad to do their Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/International Marketing at Pforzheim University usually complete all seven semesters in Pforzheim. This gives them the advantage to immerse themselves in the German culture and learn the language – they are then perfectly prepared for jobs in Germany after graduation.

However, students can also spend some time abroad during their studies. This implies that the marketing specialisation is done partly or fully abroad instead of in Pforzheim.


Two options exist:

  1. Students spend one semester (fourth semester) abroad at one partner university or even two semesters abroad (fourth and fifth semester) at two different partner universities on two different continents. There are currently over 20 partner universities available worldwide, including: Örebro University, Sweden; Sheffield Hallam University, GB; Corvinus University, Hungary; Yonsei University, Korea; Hong Kong University; American University Kairo, Egypt; Insper, Sao Paulo, Brasil.
  2. Students spend one year (fourth and fifth semester) abroad at a partner university and acquire a double degree, i.e. the Pforzheim Bachelor’s degree in combination with the foreign degree of the respective partner university. The following 11 partner universities are available for the double degree: University of Wyoming, USA; TEC de Monterrey, Mexico; ESAN University, Peru; NUI Galway, Ireland; IESEG, Paris, France; ESC Clermont, France; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; IQS Universitat, Barcelona, Spain; ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal; UGM, Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Yuan Ze University, Taiwan.

Bachelor of Science

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