The Quest of Successful Innovation Management


A Practical Guide for Developing and Maintaining Disruptive Innovation

In their 3rd semester the MBA students learnt more about successful innovation management and product development in the course Innovation Management II – Product Development and Design.
The course was taught by Dr. Frank J. Maile, who has over 20 years of business experience and was always involved in Product Development and Innovation Management. He is currently Global Technical Director at SCHLENK Metallic Pigments GmbH, founded in 1879 and the leading international manufacturer of metal powders, pigments and foils for different business areas.
Through the course, MBA students learned how products are developed, designed, tested, implemented, and commercialized. They were introduced to product development process, design thinking, and product-life cycle. Guest speakers gave students exposure to diverse perspectives of innovation management in different industries.
The last guest talk was presented by Bill Eibon, Founder & Chief Scientist, Adawe Material Science and CTO, p-Chip Corporation.
The thesis for his talk was that while most industrial entities are innovative, yet very few consistently produce disruptive innovations.  He compared success metrics and failure modes for disruptive innovation as practiced by established and small companies.  Bill Eibon also shared tools for assessing innovation potential and partner segmentation that help drive disruptive innovation.  He left the MBA students with strategies to build and nurture innovation cultures and networks extending beyond corporate walls and the importance of connecting open-minded people from different functions and industries to achieve disruptive innovation.
Thank you to Dr. Frank J. Maile and his guests for introducing our MBA students to the world of innovation management in such a profound way!

Text & Pictures: MBA