Pforzheim University contributing to the University of Bradford‘s Law Summer School


On 31 May 2023 Sheila Vásquez, LL.M. (PhD candidate in Data Protection Law) and Prof. Dr. Steffen Kroschwald, LL.M. (Professor for Business Law, Head of Center for Consumer Research and sustainable Consumption, vunk, at Pforzheim University) held an online-lecture on „Fundamental Rights and Values by Design“ at the Law Summer School of the University of Bradford, England. In their lecture they raised the question on how a fair and legally compliant design of products and ecosystems in a data-driven world could be realized. Challenges such as the protection of the individual, its privacy and personal autonomy, its access and participation in and to digital societies and more need to be approached in an interdisciplinary way. Kroschwald and Vásquez thus presented a methodology that incorporates structural design elements systematically derived from fundamental legal and technical requirements.
(Steffen Kroschwald)