Europe is a fascinating process to explore. The largest Single Market in the world is a unique peace project which turned former foes into close friends. The cultural diversity is an enrichment for everybody who is open for new ideas. At the same time, Europe is changing almost every day. European Integration hast not yet come to an end, but is an open and dynamic process which brings about new scientific and political questions.


Get to know Europe – join us for the Pforzheim Business Summer School!

The summer program offered by the Pforzheim Business School and the Smeal College of Business Administration at the Pennsylania State University boasts a unique combination of teaching, business orientation, language and culture.


  • Lectures: Three courses - 'Perspectives and Developments in the EU', 'European Business, Politics, and Culture', and 'German as a Foreign Language' - at a leading business school in Germany; credit transfer of 9 credits.

  • Business: first-hand experience and an insider's view into the German business world, including case studies and visits to both hidden champions and to major companies such as SAP, Daimler, Hugo Boss, and Rolf Benz.

  • Politics: visits to European institutions, such as the European Central Bank and the European Parliament, and to German political institutions, such as the Federal Constitutional Court and the German Parliament in Berlin.

  • Language: German instruction for beginners and for more advanced language students provides the basics for further visits and networking. Language instruction has been approved by the German Department at Penn State.

  • Culture: a taste of the history, culture and lifestyle of southwest Germany covering Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria (Munich), Berlin, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, and more... swabian cooking, Black Forest tour, vineyards, barbecues, castles, historic cities and more.


A challenging program - a lot of work... but also a lot of fun: approved by generations of successful Penn State students. A learning experience that combines both theoretical and practical aspects of business management education.

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