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Industrial Ecology Summits and the SDGs

In late May, INEC professor Tobias Viere participated in the Gordon Research Conference on Industrial Ecology. It took place in Les Diablerets in Switzerland’s canton Valais close to some of the Alps’ highest summits. It turned out to be a high-level summit of global industrial ecology research, too. Researchers from ETH, NTNU Norway, Yale, Cambridge, Freiburg, MIT and many other renowned institutions in the field gathered for intense discussions on “The Role of Industrial Ecology in Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals”. The SDGs are 17 global goals for sustainable development that all countries of the world try to achieve by 2030.

While Tobias Viere enjoyed the conference’s scientific excellence, he also noticed the demand for more application-oriented research on industrial ecology. INEC pursues applied industrial ecology in a number of projects including the flagship initiative “https://pure-bw.de/de/100betriebe/winners100 companies for resource efficiency in Baden-Württemberg”.