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On the following pages you will find detailed information about the rejection decision.

  • Explanation of the decision 
  • List of the results of the admission process

Even if you have not received a letter of acceptance, there are still alternatives:

  • Waiting list 
  • Re-application



For outstanding questions, just contact us.


Applicants with nationality outside of the EU, who received their university entrance qualification abroad, were only considered within the quota for foreigners.

Applicants who had already completed university studies in Germany by the application deadline, only participated in the selection process for the second degree quota.

All other applicants were considered in the selection process quota and waiting list quota. Additional consideration was given with quotas regarding approved hardship applications and/or approved requests for selection according to location for public interest.

* For the study program BSBA/Digital Enterprise Management, the grade point average of the selection process was formed out of the results of the entrance examination for determination specific scholastic abilities. You can find the detailed selection criteria here.

** The waiting time was calculated based on half-years that have elapsed since the acquisition of the university entrance, minus the semester for which a matriculation at a German university was mandatory. The waiting time was determined by the information provided by the applicant and automatically considered.

Every applicant receives a ranking for the applicable quota during the award procedure.

You can read which ranking you received in the rejection letter. The ranking of the prospective student who has last received an admission in the ranking list, is listed in the column next to it.


You have a ranking of 50 in the quota selection process. The last admitted applicant has the rank 30. Thus, in a possibly occurring waiting list process, 19 prospective students would be considered before you.

Please also pay attention to the advice in the results of the admission procedure.

Results of the university selection procedure for the winter semester 2016/2017 after the main procedure for the study program BSBA/Digital Enterprise Management

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Should there be available study places after the end of the enrollment period or if any become available later, we will assign them according to the waiting list. All applicants automatically partake in this if they have received a rejection.

Should an admission off the waiting list be granted, an acceptance letter will be sent.

We ask you to inform us by e-mail (studicenter(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de) if you are no longer interested in keeping your name on the waiting list.

We can then allocate your no longer desired study place to someone else.


After the award procedure, the application materials will be destroyed and the applicants’ information deleted. Should you want your personal documents returned, please send us a self-addressed and sufficiently stamped envelope.

If you would like to re-apply for next winter semester, we ask you to submit your admission request until the application deadline.