Congratulations – You are admitted

We are pleased that you are looking forward to study at Pforzheim University and wish you a good start and a successful course of studies.

In order to make the enrollment and the start of your studies easier, we would like to provide you with some important information.

In case of open questions regarding enrollment, please contact our ISP office:


In case of open questions regarding the start of your course of studies within your bachelor program, please contact the program director or his research assistant, see:


How to enroll

After you got your admission you have to accept your admission. This is being done by enrolling with Pforzheim University. After being enrolled you are a student of Pforzheim University.

In order to enroll you have to procede as follows:

1.     Do a print out of your application for enrollment. Fill out and sign this application form and stick a passport photograph of you on the form.

Please do attach the documents to be submitted to the application form. The documents which you must submit are indicated in your admission document.

Please take note of our information on health insurance and on the bank transfer of enrollment fees.

2.     Please provide us with your application for enrollment with all required documents attached before the end of the enrollment period. The enrollment period is indicated on your admission document. Please note, that the enrollment period is fixed, i.e. after the end of the enrollment period you have forgone your admission. If you are unable to provide individual documents being required before the end of the enrollment period, please do contact isp(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de


The enrollment can be done either by letter or personally in our StudiCenter during our office hours (please also bring the admission document with you):

  •  Montag bis Donnerstag von 9 bis 16 Uhr / Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m to 4 p.m.
  •  Freitag von 09 bis 12 Uhr / Friday from 9 a.m. to noon.

After your application for enrollment is accpted by the University, you will receive a mail with further information to your private email account.  Please make sure that your mail account is able to receive mails.

In order to enroll, you have to provide a bank statement (e.g. online-banking-statement) simultaneously with your application for enrollment which is documenting that transfered the following fees/contributions: 

  • 83 € student service fees
  • 70 € administration fees
  • 8 € student body contribution
  • 20 € fees for student ID

In using the bank transfer, please do exclusively use the following bank details:

  • Recipient: Hochschule Pforzheim
  • IBAN: DE39660000000066001541
  • BIC: MARKDEF1660
  • Bank: Bundesbank Karlsruhe 
  • Purpose: 48900100 / blank / registration number or application number / blank/ Last Name, First Name
  • Example for purpose: 48900100 333666 Müller, Alexandra
  • Amount: 181 € 

Please be aware, that in the purpose all information on our University must be complete and correct. We can otherwise not identify your payment. You will find your application number on the admission letter.


The State of Baden-Württemberg introduces tuition fees for international students from the winter semester 2017/2018 onwards. The law stipulates that international students are required to pay 1,500 euros per semester. Additional revenue is necessary in order to further promote the internationalization of the institutions of higher education in Baden-Württemberg and to offer international students a more specific support during their studies.

The fees are for international students who enter for the purpose of study. Students from the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA) and students who are part of an Erasmus Program are excluded from these fees. Refugees are also not affected. Students who have already begun their studies or who start in the summer semester 2017 are also unconcerned. Students who received their general qualification for university entrance in Germany without German citizenship are excluded.

In individual cases, if you want to know whether you are exempt from the tuition fees or not, you should use our information form for international students (see below).

Further informations:

Auskunftsformular Studiengebühren

Information form for international students




Brief information on health insurance

Generally, in Germany there is compulsory health insurance for all students.

In order tob e enrolled at Pforzheim University you need a statement of a valid German health insurance (without such statement it is impossible to start your studies!)

Health Insurance provided by a statutory health insurance provider 

If you are a member of statutory health insurance provider, we need a specific statement (no membership statement) which is documenting your health insurance number and the standard company number of your statutory health insurance provider (including both statements for the health insurance).

Please note: Your health insurance ID cannot be accepted!


Private health insurance

In case you are privately health insured (either yourself or as a family member), you definitely need a waiver from statutory health insurance. In order to get such a waiver, you have to make an appointment with a provider of statutory health insurance and submit your private insurance contract for inspection. The waiver you are receiving is valid for the total period of your studies and cannot be revoked.

The waiver from statutory health insurance is to be presented at enrollment. Your private insurance statement is not being required and therefore not to be presented.




Student ID (Smart Card)

During the introductory weeks, latest at start of your studies Pforzheim University provides you with a student ID in the form of a multifunctional smart card. All applications are integrated into this card. You will not need further cards for the canteen, university entrance etc. but can use the smart card for the following functions:

  • Student ID
  • Library card
  • StudiTicket for bus and rail
  • Registering with multifunctional terminals (Printers, Copiers)
  • Electronic wallet: canteen
  •  Digital access system for buildings and rooms

The smart card is your property and is intended to accompany you during your complete course of studies.

Handing-out of your student ID:

You will be provided with your student ID during the introductory weeks.



Student ID as ticket (StudiTicket) 

All students of Pforzheim University may use bus and rail in Pforzheim and its surrounding without additional fares. With your enrollment and mandatory payment of a flat fee as part of your enrollment fees, the student ID of Pforzheim University  is recognized as a ticket for public transport (StudiTicket). The StudiTicket (your student ID) is only valid for you and not transferable.

During the winter semester the StudiTicket is valid from September, 1 to February, 28/29; during the summer semester from March, 1 to August, 31. 

Until you received your student ID, you may use the public transport of VPE (Verkehrsverbund Pforzheim-Enzkreis GmbH) for free by presenting your statement of admission together with your identity card or passport.



Be aware: The StudiTicket is not valid in InterCity, InterCityExpress und EuroCity. If you travel outside the region covered by VPE the relevant conditions and fares do apply.

Further information regarding your smart card and the StudiTicket will be provided to you together with your student ID.

Detailed information regarding the StudiTicket is also provided on the internet pages of „Allgemeinen Studierendenausschusses“ (AStA), the student union of Pforzheim University.

University Account / E-Mail-Account

As a student of Pforzheim University, you may use a range of IT-services during your period of studies after a required authentication. For authentication your university account is being used.  

After your successfull enrollment you will receive a email with further information to your private email address. Shortly after, your private email address will be deleted from our database.

From this point of time the university will only send emails to your university account. Therefore, please check regularly your email account, preferably daily. Official information provided by the university is deemed to be received on day after the email had been sent. 






Certificates of matriculation

Part of our IT-services is the possibility to print out certificates of matriculation. Thus, you can print out yourself such certificates in any required number.

The certificate of matriculation includes information according § 9 BAföG. Therefore, we will not manually certify the corresponding form to your BAFÖG-application.