Integrated cost- and life-cycle-based planning of decentralized energy systems for energy and resource efficient neighborhood development

In renewable energy systems, the environmental impacts shift from the use phase to the production phase on the one hand, and also to other impact categories on the other. Therefore, a fundamental extension of the methodology for energy system planning is required. The coupling of classical energy system modeling with life cycle assessment offers the opportunity to do so.
The main objective of this project is to develop and test a planning model for decentralized energy systems at the neighborhood level, which enables a comprehensive environmental impact assessment and integration with technical and economic aspects. The planning model to be developed supports the transformation to climate-neutral energy supply systems for neighborhoods while minimizing other environmental impacts. Conflicts between environmental impacts and costs as well as between the environmental impacts themselves are resolved or minimized. The results of the model are expansion and deployment paths for energy supply technologies over time with balanced and overall reduced environmental impacts in the individual impact categories. The results obtained are to serve as a basis for setting the course in neighborhoods by deriving concrete specifications, e.g. for development plans, for new neighborhoods. In existing neighborhoods, the results will be used in particular to identify and define suitable incentives to support the environmentally friendly transformation of energy systems. To ensure the practicality of the planning methodology, the developed model will be applied to three different practical cases and successively adapted. In Gerstetten, Constance and Wiernsheim, a total of two new-build and one existing neighborhood will be studied to consider and test the different requirements.

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  • Municipal administration Gerstetten
  • Municipal administration Wiernsheim
  • Netze BW GmbH
  • Netzgesellschaft Ostwürttemberg DonauRies GmbH
  • City of Constance
  • Stadtwerke Fellbach GmbH

Project Duration


2021 - 2024


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German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU)


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