M. Sc.

Anina Kusch

Main Subjects: Innovation Management and Green Start-Ups (GrüNetz)

Higher Education

  • 09/2018 - 02/2021:  M. Sc. „Life Cycle & Sustainability“ at Pforzheim University
  • 09/2014 - 08/2018:  B. Sc. „BW/Ressourceneffizienz-Management“ at Pforzheim University


 Work Experience

  • Since 03/2021: Research Associate at the Institute for Industrial Ecology (INEC)
  • 01/2020 - 02/2021: Master Thesis and research assistant in the project "MaRek" at the Institute for Industrial Ecology (INEC), at Pforzheim University
  • 09/2019 - 12/2019: Research assistant, at Pforzheim University 
  • 03/2018 - 08/2018: Schroff GmbH, Straubenhardt, Bachelor Thesis in the field of Lean Management and Digitalization 
  • 10/2016 - 03/2017: MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart, internship


  • Sustainable Technology and Innovation Management
  • Green Start-Ups


Kusch, A.; Gasde, J.; Deregowski, C.; Woidasky, J.; Lang-Koetz, C.; Viere, T. (2021): Sorting and Recycling of Lightweight Packaging in Germany — Climate Impacts and Options for Increasing Circularity Using Tracer-Based-Sorting. Mater Circ Econ 3, 10 (2021). doi:10.1007/s42824-021-00022-6

Woidasky, J., Auer, M., Schmidt, J., Kusch, A., Gasde, J., Lang-Koetz, C., Wiethoff, S., Sander, I., Schau, A., Richards, B.S., Turshatov, A., Busko, D., Treick, A., Wendler, P., Kirchenbauer, D., Wacker, D., Fuchs, F., Moesslein, J. (2021): „Tracer-Based-Sorting“ in der Verpackungs-Abfallwirtschaft. Müll und Abfall. doi:10.37307/j.1863-9763.2021.07.05. pdf download.