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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Föhl

Prof. Dr.

Ulrich Föhl

Psychologische Marktforschung





DI 23.10. - entfällt. DI 06.11. - 17:30-19:00 Uhr / DI 15:30 - 17:00 Uhr


(07231) 28-6358



Ulrich Föhl is Professor of Psychological Market Research at Pforzheim University. After completing his studies in psychology at the University of Tübingen with a focus on research methodology and economic and industrial psychology, he obtained his doctorate in Tübingen in the field of psychophysiology, investigating the correlations between electrophysiological activity and mood.

Subsequently, he worked for ten years in different research departments at Daimler AG. There, he was responsible for conception and evaluation of user interfaces and developed measuring methods for evaluating dri­ver information systems. Most recently, at the Daimler AG Customer Re­search Center, he directed national and international market and consu­mer research projects on automotive innovation, especially in the realms of infotainment, user experience, product design, and on the haptic and acoustic perception of car components. In addition to his pro­fessional activities, he undertook lectureships at various universities.

Since 2013, Ulrich Föhl has taught empirical research methods and consumer and advertising psychology at Pforzheim University. In addi­tion, as program director, he directs the teaching programme in business administration/media management and advertising psychology.

After years of research in the automotive industry, Ulrich Föhl began studying interdisciplinary research at the juncture between economics, social sciences, engineering and design. He mostly concentrates on quantitative-based research in the areas of design perception, advertising and user experience.

Product design has becoming increasingly important on account of the fact that many products have the same technology. The question is how design affects various aspects of brand perception. Ulrich Föhl concen­trates on automotive design, investigating the relationship between de­sign attributes and specific dimensions of brand personality and related constructs. In addition, he studies how various design aspects – in addition to other product attributes such as functionality and quality – affect the acceptance of products and the decision-making mechanisms in which these crystallise into a total consumer impression.

In advertising research, he focuses on experimental studies comparing advertising stimuli. He is interested primarily in comparing differing measurement methods such as physiological methods with traditional approaches (i.e. surveys).

In recent years the concept of user experience has gained increasingly more importance than classical usability parameters in the area of hu­man-machine interactions. Even in digital media, which have greater interactivity than classical media, the question that is increasingly being asked today is how to improve user experience. In preliminary studies Ulrich Föhl has addressed questions at the juncture between design and user experience to describe how design influences various dimensions of user experience.

Advertising Research ,  Consumer Psychology ,  Design Research ,  Human-Machine Interaction ,  Market Research ,  Media Management

2007 - Dr. rer. nat., Natural Sciences
Universität Tübingen

2002 - Diplom, Psychology
Universität Tübingen

since 2012 - Hochschule Pforzheim - Germany

Professor for psychological market research

2006 - 2012 - Daimler AG - Germany

Customer Research Center, Senior Scientist

2002 - 2006 - DaimlerChrysler AG - Germany


2001 - 2002 - Universität Tübingen - Germany

Scientist, Ph.D. Student


Teaching Award Business School

since 2015

Unrestricted Research Grant (Ford University Research Program), Research activities on Perceived Quality

Journal article

WAGNER, V., KALLUS, K. W., & FOEHL, U. (2017). Dimensions of vehicle sounds perception. APPLIED ERGONOMICS, 64, 41-46. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.apergo.2017.04.017.

Chapter in Book

FOEHL, U. (2017). Marke und Design. In E. Theobald (Ed.), Brand Evolution (pp. 83-98). Springer Gabler.

FOEHL, U., & HUCK-SANDHU, S. (2017). Bewegtbild vs. Text: Die Rolle der Darbietungsform für die Verständlichkeit und Akzeptanz von technischen Innovationen. In G. Hooffacker & C. Wolf (Ed.), Technische Innovationen - Medieninnovationen? (pp. 205-218). Springer VS.

FOEHL, U., & SCHNEEGANS, T. (2016). The sound of brands - do associations of brands with music styles affect brand personality?. In D. Barkovic & B. Runzheimer (Ed.), Interdisciplinary Management Research XII (pp. 1156-1171). Faculty of Economics, Josip Juraj Strossmayer Univ.

FOEHL, U., & ELSER, S. (2015). Measuring brand personality - construct validity of a short version of a brand personality scale. In Barcovic, D., B. Runzheimer (Eds.), Interdisciplinary Management Research XI (pp. 1116-1132). Grafika.

THEOBALD, E., & FOEHL, U. (2015). Big Data wird zu Smart Data - Big Data in der Marktforschung. In J. Dorschel (Ed.), Praxishandbuch Big Data (pp. 112-123). Springer Gabler.

FOEHL, U., & THEOBALD, E. (2015). Big Data und Electronic Commerce - Neue Erkenntnisse zur Customer Journey. In J. Dorschel (Ed.), Praxishandbuch Big Data (pp. 123-133). Springer Gabler.

FÖHL, U., & MESSMER, F. (2014). Der Einfluss von Designmerkmalen auf die Markenpersönlichkeit. In Barkovic, D. und Runzheimer, B. (Eds.), Interdisciplinary Management Research X (pp. 999-1017). Grafika.

Presentation at a Conference


Föhl, U. & Huck-Sandhu, S. Video vs text - comprehensibility and acceptance of technological innovations. DGPuK 2016 Pre-Conference. Leipzig.

DGPuK Germany


Föhl, U., Meßmer, F. und Gildehaus, S. Die Beziehungen zwischen Design und Markenpersönlichkeit am Beispiel von Fahrzeuginterieurs. 18. Tagung der Gesellschaft für angewandte Wirtschaftspsychologie. Köln.

Gesellschaft für angewandte Wirtschaftspsychologie (GWPs) e. V., Hochschule Fresenius, Standort Köln Germany

Leader of a project in cooperation with a company; the project length is typically not less than one semester but could be limited to one semester


Praxisprojekt mit einem Beratungsunternehmen zum Thema Generation Y und Mobilität bzw. Generation Y und Konsumverhalten


2015 - 2016

Praxisprojekt zur Analyse eines Webauftritts im Bereich Onlinehandel


2015 - 2016

Praxisprojek im Bereich Werbepsychologie mit einem Unternehmen der Schmuckbranche


Other administrative responsibility in academic service

since 2015

coordination of the students access panel of Pforzheim University

Hochschule Pforzheim Germany

since 2014

Betreuung der Absolventenbefragung


Completion of a significant consulting activity (produces a verifiable document or product)

since 2014

Consulting in the area of market and consumer research, user experience


Expert Assessement/Evaluation

since 2014

University degree programme accreditation auditor

AQAS e. V. Germany

Advisor doctorate procedure

since 2014

Zweitbetreuer Dissertation im Bereich Markenwahrnehmung und Emotion


Leader of a project funded from companies and/or private institutions

2014 - 2015

Projekt des IAF mit Daimler


Delivery of invited professional speeches for regional or national professional organizations to siz


Psychology of disruption. Designforschungstag. Hamburg.

Factor Design GmbH Germany

Program Director

since 2012

Studiendekan Media Management und Werbepsychologie

Pforzheim Germany

Member of a Program Committee

since 2012

Mitglied der Studienkommission (BMMWP)


Counselling of high school students/school visits/presentations

since 2012



Participation at a conference (kein Vortrag)

2012 - 2013

Teilnahme Martkforschungsmesse "Research and Results"


Academic association membership

since 2011

Gesellschaft für angewandte Wirtschaftspsychologie (GWPs) e. V.

Gesellschaft für angewandte Wirtschaftspsychologie (GWPs) e. V., Hochschule Fresenius, Standort Köln Germany