Eckart Liesegang

Eckart Liesegang

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Eckart Liesegang is Professor of Business Management at Pforzheim University Business School. His teaching focuses on cost accounting and applied business management using business games, both at the bachelor’s and master’s levels.

From June 2006 to March 2018 he directed the Institute for Management Simulation at the Business School.Since April 2018 he is working as a project leader in the institute, further improving and developing the management simulations used in bachelor and master courses.

From the end of 2005 to mid-2009 Eckart Liesegang was head of the department of business administration at Pforzheim Business School. During this time, he assisted with the introduction of the Business School‘s Bachelor and Master degree programs. Furthermore, he was a member of the Central Student Commission of the Business School from WS 2005/6 to SS 2015. In addition, he was a member of the Faculty Council from SS 2005 to SS 2009.

As director of the Institute for Management Simulation until March 2018, and since April as a project leader in the institute, Eckart Liesegang studied/s the use of business games in teaching. Management simulations are an excellent way to link insights from previous management courses and to allow people to experience decision-making situations, processes and contexts through active participation – making them an effective learning method.

The principle of business simulations is simple: participants manage a virtual company for a certain number of business cycles. In working together, participants cover all company functions and reveal the connections between the departments and client-oriented steps. Simulations help students understand the significance of meticulous strategic and operative company planning by using analytic instruments, such as professional cost accounting and collaborative divisions.

Like flight simulators, business simulations are less about “games” than about training future managers.
The Institute for Management Simulation designs teaching concepts for use in bachelor’s and master’s curricula. The Institute seeks to identify and test appropriate simulations and make them available to the faculty. New teaching staff receive training and guidance when carrying out complicated simulations, and have to opportunity to share their experiences with other faculty members. The Institute also develops systems to test student progress. Eckart Liesegang frequently cooperates with other universities and management game manufacturers.

Cost Accounting ,  Holistic Thinking ,  Management Simulations ,  Strategic Company Management ,  Strategic Management ,  Thinking in Networks ,  University-Level Education


Teaching Award for Assistant Lecturers 2011 at HSBA Hamburg


Lehrpreis der Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Recht an der Hochschule Pforzheim

General Management

Chapter in Book

LIESEGANG, E. (2006). Einsatz betriebswirtschaftlicher Unternehmensplanspiele in der Lehre. In U. Holzbaur, E. Liesegang, B. Müller - Markmann (Eds.), Planspiele in der Hochschullehre. Studienkommission für Hochschuldidaktik an Fachhochschulen in Baden - Württemberg.

Editor (Book, Proceeding)

LIESEGANG, E., HOLZBAUR, U., & MÜLLER - MARKMANN, B. (2006). Planspiele in der Hochschullehre. Geschäftsstelle der Studienkommission für Hochschuldidaktik an Fachhochschulen in Baden-Württemberg,.

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Leitung BWL - Seminar für Führungskräfte

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