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All international students have to provide evidence of adequate health insurance for the study period in Germany; that is a health insurance policy covering the costs for medical treatment in Germany. The costs for the health insurance may differ by age, gender and home country.

Health Insurance for students from EU countries (incl. Switzerland) under the age of 30

International students from EU countries (and Switzerland) having adequate health insurance with a public health insurance company in the home country may get the recognition of these health insurance policy via a public health insurance company in Germany. To obtain the recognition of the health insurance policy from the home country, students will have to show either a special form (E 128) or a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC); both issued by the insurance company in the home country.

In case an international student is member of a private health insurance company he/she will have to demonstrate the health insurance policy at a public health insurance company in Germany (normally the AOK). In case the foreign insurance company is accepted, the student receives a confirmation on that ('Freistellungsbescheid'); this confirmation is requested for enrollment at the university. In case of having a private health insurance students will have to pay for medical treatment directly to the doctor and get the payment reimbursed by the health insurance company of the home country.

Students without sufficient health insurance will have to contract an insurance in Germany; students may choose either a public company or a private health insurance company. 

Health Insurance for students from other countries than EU under the age of 30

International students from non-EU countries will have to contract a health insurance in Germany. Students may choose a public or private health insurance company. Public health insurance companies will accept students under the age of 30 only; also only students with a study time of less than seven years will be accepted at public companies.

Students above 30 or studying longer than 7 years

International students above the age of 30 or above a study time of seven years will have to contract health insurance from a private health insurance company.

Services and costs

The services and costs of health insurance companies (both private and public) may vary. As a more general rule you may find: adequate health insurance will cost about 76 Euro per month (around 350 Euro per semester). Health insurance companies offering much cheaper rates will normally not cover the relevant costs in case of a medical treatment. The health insurance policy is valid from the date of immatriculation (normally also the date of signing the contract). In case an international student will arrive some days/weeks earlier than the immatriculation date at the university, he/she may need an additional health insurance for this time slot. Quite often it is possible to buy for this time slot a health insurance policy in the home country (travel insurance).

Additional insurance (optional) 

We strongly recommend to contract a liability insurance at a private insurance company. The liability insurance covers all kind of damages someone causes (e.g. damages to a borrowed object). An adequate liabilty insurance covers damages to persons and property (normally up to a total of 3 Mio. Euro), financial loss (up to 50.000 Euro) and damage to rented property. Sometimes an already existing liability insurance police (from the home country) will cover also costs related to studying and/or working abroad (students should check this before departure). An adequate liability insurance may cost about 10 Euro per month; quite often the min. duration for a contract is six months.
Especially in case of an internship in a German company you should also contract an accident insurance if it is not provided by the company. 

A liability insurance is included in your semester fee for cases of damage that are directly related to your studies. This liability insurance applies to all activities that are casually related to your studies, in rooms of the universities, or during curriculum-provided events, which include games or trips. The insurance protection also applies during the participation of a work semester, for purposes of achieving your study objective, and activities which are organized by the institution as part of a leave of absence. Exceptions to this are internships which are not directly related to your studies. 

Find more information on the insurance by the Studentenwerk here.