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Schmuck & ID & MADFM auf der Dutch Design Week



Degree Show 2019 Highlights:

Jewellery, MADFM, ID + Computer Engineering & 'Designer in Residence' Emma Creative Hub


We make a difference.

We question structures which we ourselves promote consciously and subconsciously. 

We expose relationships which influence our lives, explore the magic of our own doing and search for the essence of being human in the tangible as well as the intangible. 

We visualize and materialize that which is felt. 

We are seduced by technical developments and then strive to mesh them with a humanistic viewpoint.

We push material and process characteristics to their limits to reveal beauty in unexpected moments.

We strive to better ourselves and thus help empower society to better itself.



Amina El Shazly, MADFM, The Power of the Informal

Janina Au + Lena Hetzel, BA Schmuck, Der Massenmensch

Jule Meinecke, BA Schmuck, Fragment

Tessoph, BA Schmuck, Girl Power

Xin Liu, BA Schmuck, 3D-Hand

Kevin German + Marco Limm, B.Eng. + BA ID, ARTificial Intelligence

Ganit Goldstein, 'Designer in Residence' EMMA-Kreativzentrum, "Custom Fit"


We are at our friends Sectie_C again for the eighth year, a collective of over 100 studios in an old traffic sign factory. Sectie-C is known for it's energetic blend of designers, makers and entrepreneurs  as well as for their studios and workspaces – often very creative installations in the old factory buildings, where meeting rooms are built like cocoons onto the ceilings of the workshops. The designers on site exhibit their work within their studios, while guest exhibitions like ours are interventions within this unique culture. 


Dutch Design Week 19
Sectie-C, Hall 8
Daalakkersweg 2, Eindhoven
19 – 27  October 2019
11 – 20 h

Fotos: Prof. Christine Lüdeke (Ausstellung), Arbeiten von den Studierenden

Pressekontakt: birgit.meyer(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de, Tel: +49 (7231) 28-6718