Faculty Council 

The Faculty Council advises in all important aspects concerning the faculty. It gives opinion on appointments insofar the basic order of §48 paragraph 4 clause 7 does not foresee further ownership rights. The Faculty Council has to give permission to:

  1. Structure and developments plans of the faculty,
  2. Formation, changes and cancellation of faculty facilities,
  3. Study and exam regulation of the faculty; the present study commission has to approve.

The present members of the Faculty Council are:

Faculty Board:

Dean Professor Dr. Ulrich Jautz
Vice Dean Professor Dr. Thomas Cleff
Associate Dean Professor Dr. Katja Rade
Associate Dean Professor Dr. Elke Theobald
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Professor Dr. Matthias Kropp

Professor Dr. Foschiani
Professor Dr. Häfele
Professor Dr. Haugrund
Professorin Naderer
Professor Dr. Schwaab
Professor Dr. Strotmann
Professor Dr. Sutton
Professor Dr. Terporten

Jochen Ebert
Tanja Hösel
Bernd Kuppinger

Tim Binder
Birte Boysen
Lukas Quiring
Alexander von Woudenberg
Marina Schwarz