Advisory Council of the Business School 

 Advisory Council of the Business School



The advisory council provides counsel and support to the Business School regarding strategic development, study programs, and collaboration with companies and alumni.

The advisory council plays an important role in the ongoing development of the Business School.

Because of their intimate knowledge of the internal workings of the university, the members of the advisory board should act as ambassadors for the institution.


The advisory council meets twice a year at the university; however, advisory council members consult with the faculty board on a case-by-case basis as necessary.

The advisory council designates one of its members to serve as Speaker.

Meetings are attended by members of the advisory council and the faculty board. Other faculty members may participate depending on the specific issues at hand.

The dean is responsible for sending reminders and invitations, organizing and chairing the meeting, and taking minutes.

The faculty board is responsible for keeping advisory council members updated on important changes to the Business School and the university as a whole.

Advisory council members are not paid for their services.

Advisory Council Membership

Advisory council members must be graduates of Pforzheim University with rich experience and have demonstrated leadership.

The advisory council comprises up to 30 members with expertise in a range of fields representing the various study programs of the Business School.

The faculty board nominates new advisory council candidates for approval by the faculty council. The advisory board term is 3 years and may be extended.