Taxation and Auditing 

Course Contents 

The degree program consists of general studies and course specific modules.

The general studies program will cover the following modules:

  • General Business Administration
  • Company Taxation
  • Business Information Systems
  • Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Ethics and Corporate and Social Responsibility


Students will spend approximately 50% of their degree on these general courses.
The rest of the time will be taken up with course specific modules.


The following courses will be offered alongside the general studies program:

  • Compilation of annual balance sheets and consolidated financial statements;
  • Basic principles of different tax forms:
    • Income tax, corporation tax, excise tax
    • Sales tax, including sales tax in the single European market
  • Taxation of business partnerships and their shareholders
  • Tax law (basic principles)
  • Business auditing (basic principles)
  • Company law for tax purposes
  • Data processing (eg DATEV) and law software
  • Corporate succession
  • Internship (students who have done course-related apprenticeships are exempted)
  • Finance
  • Projects, seminars and Bachelor thesis



These courses enable students to recognize fiscal and economic issues, maintain mandatory accounting procedures according to trade and tax laws, develop proposals for business objectives from a tax angle, assess business procedures and operations according to economic and legal criteria as well as carry out audits.

Students are able to apply the knowledge they have acquired to practical problems in seminars and projects (for example if dealing with taxation, accounting, auditing or business advice).

In addition to the specialist knowledge acquired, students are taught how to successfully work in teams, to moderate, to give presentations and to develop key social skills.



Head of Department

Program Director
Prof. Dr. Markus Häfele

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