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It is generally known that today’s business world is characterised by tough competition, increased internationalisation and a global market place. This is true not only for multinational, but also for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Companies therefore seek an increasing number of professionals who do not only have a profound knowledge in business and management, but are also proficient in foreign languages and are able to work in a multi-national and cross-cultural environment.

The B. Sc. International Business is designed to prepare students to meet this challenge. The programme has a unique and distinct profile, which also distinguishes IB in Pforzheim from similar courses at other universities.

Main features of the programme are:

  • IB is a tri-lingual programme. Students are required to attend lectures in German, English and a third language, which is either Spanish or French. Many students attend classes in all four languages.
  • IB students are thoroughly trained in all business subjects. IB is, in fact, a business and management programme and not a language course. Thus the curriculum includes numerous subjects such as corporate strategy, corporate organization, marketing, accounting and finance, and national and international economics.
  • IB students can structure their studies abroad according to their individual needs and interests. They can take advantage of a network of approximately fifty partner universities from all over the world. The may also participate in double degree programmes with top-ranked French partner universities (ESSCA Angers, ESCE Paris). Many students spend one semester in the English-speaking area and another one in France, Spain, or Latin America.

Graduates of IB can continue to study for a Master’s degree either in Pforzheim, at another university in Germany or abroad. They also have excellent career opportunities. Typical areas of employment are export departments, international sales and marketing, financial controlling in multinational companies, product management and financial services. A considerable number of graduates spend a period of their professional life abroad. In recent years former IB students have worked in cities such as New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Beijing, Dubai, Brussels, Geneva, Oxford, Vienna, Dublin, Albuquerque (New Mexico / USA), Madrid, Prague, Paris, Nancy, Zurich and London.



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