Course Catalogue 

 Semester 1
AQM1011 Mathematics 1 (Analysis/Lin. Algebra)
AQM1012 Mathematics 2 (Mathematics of Finance)
BIS1011 Computers in Business - Foundations
BIS1012 Computers in Business - Applications Hands-on-Training
BIS1013 Computers in Business - E-Learning Based Foundations for Applications
ECO1011 Introduction and Microeconomics
GMT1011 Foundations of Accounting
GMT1012 Cost Accounting - Fundamentals
GMT1021 Managerial Processes, Functions and Decisions I
SIC1011 Social and methodical competence

 Semester 2
AQM1021 Descriptive Statistics
AQM1022 Methods of Quantitative Planning I
ECO1012 Macroeconomics
GMT1022 Managerial Processes, Functions and Decisions II
LAW1011 Business Law I (General Principles)
MAR1011 Introduction Market Research
MKT1011 Marketing Planning & Strategies and Brand Management
MKT1012 Introduction Principles of Marketing
MKT2012 Information and Communication Technologies in Marketing
TAX1011 Business Taxation

 Semester 3
AQM2011 Inferential Statistics
AQM2012 Methods of Quantitative Planning II
ECO2011 International Economics
GMT3011 Financial Accounting, Investments and Finance I
LAW2011 Business Law II (Contracts and Torts)
LAW2012 Property Law and Law of Secured Transactions
MAR2011 Consumer Behavior (incl. Psychology of Advertising)
MKT2011 Advanced Market Research
MKT2012 Information and Communication Technologies in Marketing
SIC2011 Intercultural competence

 Semester 4
ECO2012 Seminar in Economic Policy
GMT3012 Financial Accounting, Investments and Finance II
GMT3013 Strategic Management
LAW2022 Intellectual Property Law
MCO2011 Introduction Marketing Communication
MKT2021 Product and Price Management
MKT2022 Distribution and Sales Management
MKT2031 Advanced Marketing Communication

 Semester 5
GMT3025 Management Simulation
INS3021 Internship
INS3022 Accompanying course of the internship

 Semester 6
AQM3011 Basics of computer-aided analysis of data
ESR4011 Elective: Economic and Social History I
ESR4013 Elective: European Integration I
ESR4015 Elective: Business Ethics
ESR4017 Elective: Enviromental Management I
ESR4021 Elective: Sustainable Development I
GMT3021 Management of the Industrial Enterprise
GMT3022 Management of the Retail Enterprise
GMT3023 Bank Management
GMT3024 International Trade Operations
GMT3026 Distribution Management
MAR3011 Data Analysis & Reporting II
MAR4012 Elective: Advanced Market Research Methods
MCO4011 Public Relations
MKT3011 Marketing Controlling
MKT3012 Credit Transfer for Elective Marketing/Advertising
MKT3021 Resarch Project

 Semester 7
COL4999 Scientific Colloquium
ESR4012 Elective: Economic and Social History II
ESR4014 Elective: European Integration II
ESR4016 Elective: Ethics, Business and Society
ESR4018 Elective: Enviromental Management II
ESR4022 Elective: Sustainable Development II
GMT3014 Management Seminar
MKT4011 Sectoral Marketing
MKT4012 International Marketing
ORA4999 Oral Examination
THE4999 Thesis



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