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Selection Process

New rules for the university selection process were established and have been applied since the winter semester of 2003/04.  Each individual university can determine their own selection criteria for student admissions.

Admissions for hardship cases, foreign students and second degree students are standard.  The rest of the places are allocated as follows:
- 10% after a qualifying period
- 90% according to the university admissions procedure

Universities of Applied Sciences can determine how they wish to select potential students.  At Pforzheim University the following criteria is used for the selection process (with the exception of the International Business study program):
1.  Grade point average of the candidate’s High School Diploma – 70%
2. Results of the university entry test – 30%

The result of these two grades will be combined

University Entry Test for Business Studies

 The test is carried out and marked by an institute appointed by the university.  It comprises of four sections: reading comprehension, linguistic ability, deductive reasoning and diagram analysis.  Candidates will not be tested on course specific knowledge as the test is designed to examine their ability to grasp and interpret complex data.

The test takes place twice a year.  Each candidate may only participate in the test once; a resit is not allowed.
The test dates are in May (registration deadline 15 April) and November (registration deadline 15 October).

The test is conducted in three locations: FH Heilbronn, Pforzheim University and FH Nürtingen

Registration fee: 50 Euros




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