The Pforzheim University 


dates back to 1877 when the School of Design was founded. The School of Business, established in 1963, merged with the School of Design and the newly created School of Engineering in 1992 to form Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences.

Today, Pforzheim University has more than 4,500 students and 145 professors, and it is the third largest University of Applied Sciences in the State of Baden- Württemberg - and one of the biggest in Germany.



Library Campus Tiefenbronner Street


It offers a large number of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, all of which emphasize interdisciplinary thinking and cooperation among faculty, economists, lawyers, engineers, designers and experts from various sectors.

Our University is characterized by the high academic qualifications and practical experiences of our faculty, as well as by the intensive cooperation with the surrounding business community and beyond, giving our students a unique study experience. 
Pforzheim University has an outstanding reputation among Germany‘s leading companies. Applied research projects contribute to a distinct practical reference, offered in a variety of projects within the Institute of Applied Research as well as in the Steinbeis Transfer Centers.




We employ a variety of teaching methods, including traditional lectures; however, we highly value interactive approaches. We focus on the close relationship between our students and their instructors. Pforzheim University prepares students for future careers in the most optimal way - with all available means.